We have the Nature in the soul

and we would like to share this passion with you!

We could offer you special guests,
but you would risk to watch television on the carpet!

So we choose for a little variation

 This image is the result of a photomontage ┬ęSwiss in the soul

Welcome to swiss in the soul 

Glimpses of a wonderful landscape and life’s moments of extraordinary creatures

 Pictures that strike and arrive straight to the soul


All pictures
have were taken
in Switzerland


For people
who love nature 
as we do


Living rooms

Let yourself get surprised

Choose something different

Would you like to write a birthday card?
Or decorate your office with pictures that takes you one step from heaven?
Dress up the rooms of your hotel with velvet prints?

A deep gaze viewtowards infinity

A greeting, an handwritten note, does not need a back-up and does not consume memory,
but remains forever in the heart of who’s receiving?

Touch the rocks with your gaze look
or get lost in a wonderful landscape while staying comfortably on the sofa

The caresses of the snow, illuminated by the glow of the sun,
followed by furtive views from behind the trees, make the office hours very much morepleasant


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swiss in the soul 

To feel you part of a nature